Why Choose Clear Ceramic Braces?

8 May 2018 Braces

If you’re in need of braces to correct the alignment of your teeth, there are quite a few options available to you. Choosing between these can be a challenge, and so it’s important to learn as much as you can about the different types of braces out there to help you get a sense of which would be best for you. One option that’s been growing in popularity recently are clear ceramic braces, and these can be used in the majority of cases as an alternative to traditional metal braces.

What Are Clear Ceramic Braces?

When you hear someone mention clear braces, you may immediately think of Invisalign or something similar, but that doesn’t give you an accurate picture of what clear ceramic braces actually are. In fact, ceramic braces are much more similar to traditional metal braces, except for the fact that their presence is significantly less obvious. There are a couple of types of ceramic braces available, including clear and white.

Clear ceramic braces work in much the same way that metal braces do. In fact, the clear ceramic part is the bracket that attaches to each tooth. These are then bound together by an archwire, which is itself held in place by an elastic band. Depending on the specifics of your condition and your personal preference, these additional elements that make up your braces can be white or clear as well, further reducing the visibility of your braces.


Advantages of Clear Ceramic Braces

The main reason patients choose clear ceramic braces is the fact that they’re less noticeable than their metal counterparts. However, when compared to other inconspicuous treatments like Invisalign, clear braces are more versatile. They have the ability to correct even significant structural issues that Invisalign can’t, and they also can be used in just about any patient or situation.

What this all boils down to is that clear ceramic braces give you the best of both worlds. They are capable of handling more extreme cases than Invisalign but are less obvious than metal braces. They also don’t require as much patient involvement and voluntary commitment as Invisalign, making them a more universally-appropriate option.


Evaluating Your Options

Beyond aesthetics, there are a number of other factors that will go into determining what type of braces are right for you. Your orthodontist will go over the options with you, and you will be able to give input as well. In some cases, for instance, clear ceramic braces can’t be placed on bottom teeth, but you could still choose to go with them on the more visible top teeth.

Your dentist can also make you aware of some other elements to consider. For instance, although they work in much the same way, the treatment times when metal braces are involved can be slightly shorter than those required by ceramic braces. However, these differences are not huge, and so you can decide if you’d rather wear inconspicuous braces for a little longer to get the same result.


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