What Are Porcelain Braces?

16 Feb 2018 Braces

Sometimes called ceramic braces, porcelain braces consist of porcelain brackets attached to your teeth and connected by wires. These braces can be a great alternative to traditional wire braces and to Invisalign. To help you decide if they are right for you, here is what you need to know.

Who Should Get Porcelain Braces?

Generally, porcelain braces are best for people who want a more subtle look. They are also ideal for people who want the “invisibility” of Invisalign but who have serious orthodontic issues that can’t be fixed with aligners. Children, teens, and adults can all fall into this category. To decide if you should get porcelain braces, you may want to compare them to other orthodontic solutions.


How Do Porcelain Braces Differ From Metal Braces?

Porcelain braces have exactly the same format as traditional metal braces, and they work on the same principle. In both cases, the wires pull the teeth into the desired position. As you have the braces, the dentist tightens and adjusts the wires to make sure the teeth are moving correctly.

Because of this, you can use porcelain braces in any situation where you can use metal braces. However, they offer one key benefit: they look more subtle than wire.


How Do Porcelain Braces Differ From Invisalign?

Because of their subtle look and almost invisible nature, porcelain braces are often compared to Invisalign. They overlap in that way, but they work in different ways. To explain, Invisalign doesn’t use brackets and wires. Rather, this solution uses a tray or aligner to adjust your teeth. You can take the aligner out as needed to brush your teeth or eat sticky foods.

Unlike Invisalign aligners, porcelain braces cannot be removed from your mouth. That means you don’t have to worry about losing them. If you are a parent, you also don’t have to worry about your child losing their aligners.


How Do Porcelain Braces Compare to Ceramic Braces?

You can actually use these terms interchangeably. “Ceramic braces” is just another name for porcelain braces. Porcelain is just a specific term for relatively translucent ceramic.


Are Porcelain Braces and Clear Braces the Same?

Although they are often confused for the same concept, these types of braces are slightly different. Invisible brackets or clear braces feature a bracket that is made of invisible material that you can see through. If you have very light colored teeth, you may want to choose clear braces. However, if your teeth are regular to dark in color, you may want to choose tooth colored ceramic or porcelain braces.


What Is the Process for Getting Porcelain Braces?

The process for getting porcelain braces is the same as getting metal braces. Generally, you start with a consultation where the orthodontist maps out your care. Then, you get the porcelain braces installed at an appointment, and you return every few weeks for follow up appointments. During those appointments, the orthodontist adjusts the braces and the arch wire as needed.


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