Traditional Metal Braces in Georgia for Kids and Adults

Teeth can be straightened at any age! BB Braces Braces provides a variety of orthodontic treatments for kids, teenagers, and adults, including traditional metal braces, which remain one of the most popular methods of teeth-alignment today.

What Do I Need to Know About Traditional Dental Braces?

Traditional metal braces are one of the most affordable options, and they can correct crowded teeth, eliminate unwanted gaps between teeth, and align your jaw. While many people still associate traditional metal braces with a “metal mouth,” this orthodontic treatment option has improved over the years, in terms of comfort, appearance, and overall treatment times!

How Are Today's Metal Braces Better Than the Metal Braces of the Past?

Today’s traditional metal braces consist of smaller, sleeker, brackets adhered to your teeth and connected by wires to slowly straighten your teeth over time. Under the care of our expert orthodontists, we will periodically tighten your metal braces to align your teeth as efficiently and as comfortably as possible.

Thanks to the advent of heat-activated archwires (a technology developed by NASA), modern metal braces work with the heat in your mouth to gently straighten the archwire back to its original form. That means you’ll experience more comfort and you won’t have to visit us as often for treatment!

Can You Personalize Metal Braces?

There are many fun options for kids receiving traditional metal braces. We can place fun colored rubber bands around the brackets, allowing children to express themselves through a variety of bright, trendy tones!

What Is the Process of Getting Metal Braces?

Typically, we start the process with a free consultation. During that appointment, we talk about your concerns and we examine your mouth to determine which type of orthodontic treatment you need. Once we’ve outlined a treatment option, we set up an appointment to get the braces put on.

During that appointment, the orthodontist puts on the metal braces. Then, we schedule some follow-up appointments. Those appointments happen every six to eight weeks or sometimes more often depending on your treatment needs.

If you have an issue in between regular appointments, you can make a special appointment. For instance, if a bracket falls off or an archwire comes loose, you may need to come in so our specialists can repair that.

What Are the Advantages of Going to an Orthodontist Who Treats Kids and Adults?

Because we see the whole family, you can save time and book your appointments together. We find that’s really convenient for families with multiple children who need braces, but in addition, if you’re an adult who’s always wanted straight teeth, you can book your treatment right alongside your child—for a lot of kids, seeing their parents go through the orthodontic process makes them feel more comfortable.

For questions about traditional metal braces for kids, teens, and adults, please call our team at (770) 222-2322 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at one of our nearby locations in the greater Atlanta area, including Acworth, Covington, Hiram, and McDonough, Georgia. We’ll discuss a unique treatment plan that’s right for you and your family and with our affordable braces options!