Tween and Teen Braces

Nowadays, teens who are in need of orthodontic treatment hope to have their smiles perfected in time for prom, senior portraits, and high school graduation. Teen braces have become a rite of passage for many, and we take pride in being able to correct your son or daughter’s smile so that they may more confidently mature into young adults.

We understand that teens may be extra self-conscious about their appearance. That’s why we offer a number of types of braces for teens that can ensure speedy, inconspicuous treatment. Our team also understands that having a teenager can be expensive, especially if extensive orthodontic treatment is necessary. Our offices offer a number of financial options, and we accept most insurance plansto help make certain that your family can receive high-quality teen braces, no matter what your budget.

To learn more about the kinds of teen and tween braces we offer, read on below, or contact our team at (770) 222-2322. We can help schedule a free initial consultation at one of our convenient locations in Acworth, Alpharetta, Covington, Hiram, Marietta, McDonough, or Suwanee!

Learn More About Braces for Teens

The types of teen braces we offer include:

  • Traditional Metal Braces: Though termed “traditional,” these metal braces have changed a lot over the years. Traditional teen braces work faster, look better and are much more comfortable than they have been in the past. Plus, they are often the most affordable option.
  • Clear Braces: Designed to naturally blend in with your teen’s smile, “clear braces” are actually made of ceramic, tooth-colored brackets, as well as white or clear wires. These braces are much less visible than traditional, metal braces, and are therefore often the preferred choice for teens and adults.
  • Invisalign: Though slightly limited in the range of orthodontic troubles they can correct, Invisalign Teen braces are a great option for many teenagers who hope to conceal their treatment, and continue to brush and eat as normal. Your child’s orthodontist will determine if Invisalign is an ideal choice of orthodontic treatment during your initial consultation.

Our experienced team will pick a plan that works best for your child! Ready to book a free initial consultation? Please call us at (770) 222-2322 or fill out our short online form.