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If you’re looking for an orthodontist in Suwanee, GA, check out the BB Braces Braces offices at 3186 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Rd. We offer the same great range of services and the quality you expect at this location as we do at our other offices throughout the metro Atlanta area. If you’re ready for a straight, healthy-looking smile, we’d like to help.


Benefits of Braces in Suwanee, GA

When you get braces, they do more than just improve how your smile looks. They actually bring about long term health benefits for your mouth. If teeth are crowding, braces eliminate that issue, and that reduces the chances of getting cavities between your teeth. If your bite isn’t lining up properly, your teeth basically rub each other the wrong way, and that can lead to erosion of the enamel. Again, braces help with that issue as well.


Types of Braces

At our orthodontist in Suwanee, GA, we offer more than just one type of braces. That makes it easy for you to find the services that work for your needs. From traditional metal to Invisalign, here’s a look at some of our top options.

Metal Braces—The classic look of metal braces is one of the least expensive options. You can also customize metal braces with colorful rubber bands.

Ceramic Braces—If you prefer a more subtle look, ceramic braces work similarly to metal. Sometimes called clear braces, they are made with ceramic designed to blend in with your teeth.

Invisalign—The Invisalign option works like braces, but it’s actually a set of retainers that you can occasionally take out as needed.


The Process of Straightening Your Teeth

When you decide to see an orthodontist in Suwanee, GA the process is pretty straightforward. Generally, we start with a consultation with one of our orthodontists. During that session, we talk about the available options and the pros and cons of each approach for you. You also get the chance to chat about pricing, insurance, and payment plans with someone from our office.

Once you’ve decided on your path forward to a beautiful smile, we set up the second appointment. Typically, that’s when the braces get put on. During regular follow up appointments, the orthodontist checks on your progress and adjusts the braces so they will continue to work. Finally, after a period of several months or sometimes even more than a year, the braces come off.

At that point, you may need to have a retainer or take other additional steps. In other cases, you may be completely done with the process.


Making You Comfortable With Orthodontic Care

Our goal is to make orthodontic care comfortable for you. Our offices are professional, beautiful, and well maintained. We have entertainment options on hand to keep kids amused during their appointments, and we welcome the whole family, including parents and older teens.


If you’re ready to renew your smile, let’s talk. Contact BB Braces Braces for an appointment today. Whether you want help for you, a child, or everyone in your family, we’re here to support you. Aside from our orthodontist in Suwanee, we also have other locations throughout the area including orthodontists in Acworth, Alpharetta, Canton, Covington, Hiram, Marietta and McDonough.