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Looking for the Best Orthodontist in Marietta GA?

Getting braces for your child – or for yourself – is a big decision. You’re making an investment of time and money to ensure that you or your child has a beautiful smile for the rest of their life. So, you want to be sure you choose the best orthodontist to do the job. In Marietta, that means going to BB Braces Braces.

BB Braces Braces offer a free orthodontic consultation by an experienced orthodontist. We’ll discuss the best treatment options for you, including the schedule and costs. We’ll also show you the results you can expect.

Specialized Treatment

Every patient is unique, but if you have a particularly challenging situation, our expert orthodontists are up to the task. We have specialized training for difficult cases ranging from crowding, severe misalignment and missing teeth, to patients that have sensory issues or fear of the dentist.

Straightening Solutions

We offer a variety of solutions to straighten teeth. The right one for you will depend on the degree of straightening you need, the amount of time your treatment will take, your age, and your personal preference. We offer:

Metal braces. Even though we call them ‘traditional,’ these are not your mother’s braces! They’re state-of-the-art metal braces that include fun-colored bands in all the colors of the rainbow. This is our most popular – and most affordable – option.

Invisalign® plastic aligners. These clear, tailor made aligners are custom made for you. They are nearly imperceptible on your teeth, making them a great choice for adults or older teens.

Clear braces. These ceramic braces are the same color as your teeth so they blend in and are much less visible than traditional metal brackets. They are sometimes called clear braces or invisible braces. Older teens often choose this option since they are less prominent than traditional braces.

No matter which solution you choose, we’ll whiten your teeth after your treatment is complete – for free! Then you’ll be ready to face the world with your bright, new, beautiful smile.

Financing Options

Getting affordable braces shouldn’t be difficult. We accept most insurance coverage, and we’re happy to do the paperwork for you. We also offer no-interest financing and a pre-payment discount. If you have multiple family members undergoing treatment or if you refer someone to us, we’ll give you a discount for that, too!

We Treat Adults, Too

For adults who feel they may have missed their opportunity for a perfect smile, we say, it’s never too late! The concerns and requirements of adult patients may be different from those of children or teens, so we have specialized adult braces solutions for you, including Invisalign® clear aligners and clear brackets that can diminish the appearance of braces. BB Braces Braces is the best orthodontist in Marietta GA for adults, too.

BB Braces Braces, the best orthodontist in Marietta GA, is conveniently located at 1111 Johnson Ferry Road #100. We have evening and weekend hours for your convenience. We offer free Wi-Fi and iPad play stations to keep patients, parents, and siblings happy while waiting in our office. Contact us today to book your free consultation.