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At BB Braces Braces, we believe that straight healthy smiles are for everyone. In our offices, we treat children, teens, and adults. For our patients, we offer a range of orthodontic procedures and payment options including the following.

Traditional Metal Braces

The only choice for years, metal braces, are still popular and they have gotten more comfortable and more effective over their lifetime. In particular, our metal braces feature heat-activated archwires. Developed by NASA, this space-worthy metal responds to the heat in your mouth, and the archwire stretches back into its natural form. That makes metal braces more comfortable for our patients, and it means fewer appointments as well.  These tend to be the most durable and most predictable of the options we have when it comes to getting the results you desire.


If you prefer a more discreet look, we also offer Invisalign® braces. An attractive alternative to metal braces for both kids and adults in Atlanta, Invisalign® features nearly invisible aligners that you can take in and out as needed. While we recommend wearing them most of the day (20 to 22 hours), you can easily take out Invisalign® for eating and brushing.

Lastly, this is a great option for adults who have demands that make traditional braces an obstacle.  The esthetics are very predictable as you do not show any brackets or hardware in your mouth.  Moreover, for teenagers who have an active sports and extra-curricular regimen the flexibility of Invisalign® makes it a great option.  You don’t have to worry about mouth guards and other braces-related injuries.

Clear Braces

Clear braces are another great option available at our orthodontist in Atlanta, GA. These braces work just like metal braces, but they are designed to match your teeth. You can even opt for white or tan rubber bands to create an even more subtle look. Clear braces are a great compromise between metal braces and Invisalign®.  This takes the advantages and efficiency of traditional braces and combines the esthetics of matching the bracket shade to your teeth. It allows for 24/7 improvement and movement of your teeth without making your brackets obvious to family, friends, and the community.

Getting Started with Your Orthodontic Care

When you’re ready to get started, you’ll need to set up a consultation appointment with our orthodontist in Atlanta, GA. At this appointment, we’ll discuss your orthodontic goals, and we’ll also help you figure out whether your insurance covers the treatments or whether you need to take other financial measures.

After that, expect an hour-long appointment. In some cases, you can even combine this appointment with the initial consult. During this meeting, we get to work. You’ll sign consent forms and authorize orthodontic work. Then, we’ll take molds and photographs of your teeth.

In the third appointment, referred to as the bonding appointment, you finally get your braces put on your teeth. That’s the start of your journey, and during that time, we meet about once a month to adjust your braces.

Finally, when the treatment is over, we remove the braces, and you get to enjoy your new smile. The total length of the treatment depends on your specific orthodontic needs, and it can vary from a few months to a couple of years.

Financing Your Orthodontic Treatment

Braces often get a bad reputation for being overly expensive, but at BB Braces Braces, we believe that everyone should have access to a beautiful healthy smile. To help, we offer lots of treatment options.

We’ve got special discounts including family discounts and payment plans.

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