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Visiting the BB Braces Braces Orthodontist in Alpharetta, GA

BB Braces Braces has braces for kids, teens, and adults. We provide a variety of orthodontic procedures for patients of all ages. Along with the state-of-the-art orthodontic services we provide, our patients enjoy numerous benefits at our comfortable, modern office. Our professional team goes above and beyond to ensure our patients enjoy their visit to the orthodontist in Alpharetta, GA.

Our goal is to make sure that we make every patient feel special and take care of their orthodontic needs for an optimal result. With a team that focuses on quality and customer service we are sure that you will be satisfied with us.

As a responsible member of the community we are engaged in ensuring that the community we serve benefits from our presence. With multiple community programs we are confident that being a great citizen equates in to a long term relationship with our patients.

Traditional Braces

Today’s updated metal bracket systems are among the most popular and affordable options for teeth-alignment. New, smaller designs are sleeker. Color banding choices create trendy looks for kids. These state-of-the-art metal braces are popular with teens and adults too. New technology developed by NASA is used in today’s archwires, making metal braces now more comfortable.


Invisalign invisible braces are custom-made braces for adults and teens, as one of today’s alternatives to metal braces. Invisalign makes clear, comfortable braces that gently align your teeth. This option is for patients who do not need more complex orthodontic treatment. Invisalign users can eat and drink whatever they like, and simply reinsert the removable braces after meals, or after brushing and flossing.

Moreover, we find this to be a great option for patients who are active with sports and require mouth guards and other protective gear.  Flexibility is paramount with this option and is typically a great match.

Clear Braces

Tooth-colored braces, or “clear braces” are designed to blend with the natural look of your teeth. These ceramic braces work faster to move the teeth. Clear braces can be used by patients of all age groups. Treatment may include tooth-colored wires as well as white or clear bands to blend with your teeth.

Benefits for Patients at BB Braces Braces

  • Free Orthodontic Consultation: An experienced orthodontist in Alpharetta, GA will assess your unique needs, provide you with complete information about braces, and advise you on the treatment plans.
  • Complete Evaluation: We thoroughly examine the details of your dental condition to determine alternatives that avoid extractions or surgery.
  • Adult Patients: We well understand the needs of our adult patients, which can differ from the needs of adolescents and children. Therefore, we accommodate your needs for adult braces.
  • Complimentary Teeth Whitening Treatment: After your treatment is entirely completed, we will make sure your straightened teeth are as bright and white as they can be.
  • Advanced Sterilization Systems: Cleanliness is top priority for our entire professional team. We take every precaution to ensure that every tool is sterile, and that you are protected from risk.

What to Expect at Appointments

At every appointment, your BB Braces Braces orthodontist will answer all of your questions and guide you through your treatment plan.

  • Consultation Appointment: Your first meeting is a free examination. Your orthodontist in Alpharetta, GA will assess your specific needs and explain your options for treatment. If you decide to start orthodontic care, we will offer you financial options to help make your treatment affordable.
  • Records Appointment: Sometimes combined with the first appointment, this is when we make impressions of your teeth, take additional photos, and complete the consent forms and release forms.
  • Bonding Appointment: At this time, you will receive your braces, and we will give you cleaning supplies and written instructions on how to care for the braces. This takes around 90 minutes.
  • Adjustment Appointments: These visits are every 4 weeks for about 45 minutes each. We will check your braces and make any needed adjustments.
  • Braces Removal: After your teeth have been fully repositioned as planned, your doctor will remove the braces and polish your teeth, and make molds for your retainers.
  • Final Appointment: Your orthodontist will make a final “bite check” and take photos of your final results of treatment. At this time, you will receive your retainers, to keep your teeth positioned.

How Long is the Overall Process?

At your consultation appointment, your orthodontist will estimate how long your treatment will take. A period of about 24 months is ideal, but your unique needs will determine your personal timeframe.

After Your Braces are Removed

There are special procedures you should follow in caring for your teeth after removal of braces in order to maintain the results from your orthodontic treatment.

At Our Alpharetta Location

Your Alpharetta, GA orthodontics office provides the same high-quality orthodontic services available at each BB Braces Braces location in the greater Atlanta area.

For Your Comfort: Our premiere facility provides a variety of modern conveniences to make your visits as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

  • iPad play stations
  • free in-house Wi-Fi
  • HD TVs in patient rooms and throughout the office
  • kid-friendly patient environment

For your convenience: We assist in making orthodontic treatment as easy for you to manage as we can.

  • Flexible scheduling includes weeknight and weekend appointments.
  • Multiple offices throughout the greater Atlanta area can provide you with emergency services.
  • We manage your transfer from another orthodontic office and carefully review your records.

Easy and Affordable Financing

We offer a variety of easy payment options for affordable orthodontic services. We provide a 24-month zero-interest financing plan, and various discounts.

For Additional Information

For more information, or to schedule your free consultation with an experienced orthodontist in Alpharetta, GA, please contact BB Braces Braces, at (770) 222-2322, or email us. Our Alpharetta office is located at 5215 Windward Parkway,  Suite D, on the SW Corner of Windward Parkway and Jordan Court.