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22 Dec 2017 Braces

After many months or years, you’re likely to be very excited to have your braces removed at the orthodontic office. Even with all that excitement of seeing your new, straight teeth, you might be wondering what actually happens once you sit down in the orthodontist’s chair. Learn more about what the process is like to help you be prepared.

Your Final Orthodontic Exam

Before your braces can come off, you’ll first need to go through a final orthodontic exam. Your orthodontist will check your X-rays, bite alignment, and the overall health of your teeth and gums. If everything is satisfactory, they’ll move forward with removing your braces. If there are any concerns, you’ll schedule an appointment to return to the orthodontic office at a later date.


Getting the Braces Removed

When the day arrives to reveal your new smile, the orthodontist will first remove the elastic bands holding your arch wires in place, then the arch wires will be removed. Once the bands on your molars have been removed, the orthodontist will use a small orthodontic tool, like pliers, to remove the brackets from your teeth. This step is typically painless, though you may feel slight discomfort on sensitive teeth. After the brackets are separated from the teeth, there is usually a small amount of adhesive left on your tooth enamel. The orthodontist will then remove the adhesive and take a final look at your new smile.


Getting a Retainer

Most patients need to wear a retainer after having braces removed to ensure that the teeth don’t shift out of place. After your braces are removed, a mold will be taken of your teeth to build a clear, plastic retainer, similar to how Invisalign looks. Depending on your orthodontist’s recommendation, you may need to wear this retainer all day, every day (except for eating and brushing) for several months, and then only at night afterwards.

You may also receive a permanent wire retainer that is glued to the back of your top and/or bottom teeth, in addition to the plastic removable retainer. This is called a lingual retainer. You must take special precautions to care for this retainer like using floss threaders to get between the teeth as you did while you were wearing braces.


Your New Smile

Once you leave the orthodontic office, your mouth will likely feel a lot different. Your teeth will be smooth and silky, and you may find yourself running your tongue over them and smiling a lot.

You may even feel like running out and eating all the foods you couldn’t eat with braces on, but remain cautious. You should still be sure to floss, brush, and rinse every day.


If you have any more questions about getting your braces removed, please contact BB Braces Braces orthodontic office today.

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