KIND TO OUR PLANET, Humble Brush is (made of sustainable bamboo) – the eco-friendly, vegan and modern alternative to a plastic toothbrush.

DEVELOPED BY DENTISTS – The only bamboo toothbrush on the market that is developed, used and supported by dentists, not only the best selling bamboo brush in the world but also the most trusted.

GO HUMBLE, GIVE SMILES – every humble purchase supports the Humble Smile Foundation’s mission to help the less fortunate with oral health care

DESIGNED IN SWEDEN – Not only eco-friendly, trusted and socially minded – Humble Brush’s beautiful handcrafted design gives a trendy and premium feel as well.

Once you understand that the Humble Brush 1) works just as good as a plastic toothbrush 2) is better for the environment 3) lasts just as long as a conventional plastic toothbrush 4) makes a difference to the less fortunate and 5) costs almost the same – Why would you ever buy a plastic toothbrush again?