How to Find Affordable Braces

1 Mar 2018 Braces

Has your dentist recommended braces for your child? Have you always wanted braces? If so, you may be wondering how you can afford them. Luckily, there are all kinds of ways to find affordable braces. Check out these money saving tips.

Do Some Comparison Shopping

The first step to finding affordable braces is comparison shopping. Don’t necessarily take the very first quote you get. Rather, call a few places so that you can compare prices. Keep in mind, however, that you shouldn’t necessarily choose the lowest price on braces. Ultimately, you need to balance quality with cost.


Contact Your Insurer

Although many people think of braces as a cosmetic treatment, they can be medically necessary in a lot of cases. Even if they aren’t completely critical right away, they have long term oral health benefits. In particular, they can help you avoid bite issues and TMJ disorder, but in the long term, they can also prevent your teeth rubbing against each other in a way that wears down the enamel and leads to cavities. Because of that, some insurance companies are willing to cover some of the cost, especially for children. Contact your insurer to find out more about your coverage options.


Look for Cash Discounts

If you’re searching for affordable braces, keep in mind that many companies offer discounts for paying in cash or paying upfront. Even if the discount is only for a small percentage of the total cost, that can add up and ultimately save you a lot of money. Even if an orthodontist doesn’t advertise this type of discount, it’s still worth asking about it.


Buy in “Bulk”

When you’re looking for affordable braces, you may not immediately think of buying in bulk, but in fact, you can often save money if you get braces for multiple people in your family. In particular, some orthodontists offer discounts if you bring multiple children or siblings to the same clinic.


Apply for Financing

In cases where you can’t afford to pay for the braces upfront, you may want to apply for financing. Some creditors offer special lines of credit that are just for healthcare expenses such as affordable braces. The creditor pays the orthodontist, and you make reasonable monthly payments to the creditor until the bill is paid off. In that same vein, some orthodontic clinics are also willing to offer financing.

At BB Braces Braces, we offer interest-free payments with zero down over a 24-month period. If your child’s orthodontic treatment is going to take longer than two years, we also offer extended low interest financing over a five year period.


Consider Government Programs

You may also want to look into government funded programs. For instance, if you qualify for Medicaid, that often covers the cost of orthodontic treatment, helping to make braces more affordable.


At BB Braces Braces, we offer discounts for upfront payments and affordable in-house financing. We also work with a wide range of insurance companies. If you’re looking for affordable braces, we can help. Set up a consultation or contact us today to learn more.

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