If you’re getting braces or even just thinking about orthodontic treatment, you may be wondering what happens during each of your appointments. To help you get an idea of the process, here’s a look at what to expect. Note that the process may vary a little bit from patient to patient based on your unique needs.


Initial Consultation

All orthodontic treatment starts with an initial consultation. This is generally a half an hour to an hour appointment. During that time, you share your dental records with the orthodontist, talk about various types of treatments, and start to decide what approach is right for you. You may also talk about financial programs and payment options.


First Appointment

During the first official appointment, the orthodontist starts to collect even more information about your mouth. In particular, the orthodontist will take a mold of your teeth and potentially a few pictures or x-rays. That information is all used to create the braces, retainers, trays, or whatever type of treatment you are using. In some cases, this can even occur during the initial consultation.


Second Appointment

During this appointment, the braces or retainers are fitted to your mouth. If you are getting metal braces, the orthodontist bonds the brackets to your teeth, and he or she attaches wires running between the brackets. Then, he or she may add rubber bands. Together, the wires and bands pull your teeth into the desired position.

If you are getting Invisalign or a similar type of removable retainer, the dentist will fit that to your mouth. Any necessary adjustments will be made at that time.

You will also get some instructions on taking care of your braces or retainers. For example, if you have opted for Invisalign, you may be reminded to keep the trays in as much as possible. If you have metal braces, you may get reminders to eat soft foods after your appointment.


Follow Up Appointments

With all types of orthodontic treatment, you have a number of follow up appointments. These generally happen every four to eight weeks depending on your needs. At these appointments, the braces get adjusted. With metal braces, the wires get tightened, and you get new rubber bands. If you like, you can even pick different colored rubber bands every time you come in for a tightening. With Invisalign, you may get new trays at the follow up appointments.


The Final Appointment

When everything is done and your teeth have moved into the desired spots, you get to have your final appointment. With braces, the orthodontist removes the brackets and the wires. The feeling of smooth teeth for the first time in months or even years is generally a pleasant surprise to most patients.

At that point, the orthodontist will also let you know if you need any follow up treatments. That may include partial retainers, full mouth retainers, or even permanent retainers that are bonded to the back of your teeth.


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