Caring for Invisible Braces During Orthodontic Treatment

25 Jun 2018 Braces

If you get invisible braces, you need to take care of them to ensure your orthodontic treatment goes smoothly. The steps you should take vary based on whether you have clear brackets or Invisalign, and your orthodontists will give you exact instructions for your situation. However, so that you know what to expect, we’ve put together this brief guide.


How to Take Care of Invisible Braces — Invisalign

When many people use the phrase “invisible braces”, they are referring to Invisalign. These aren’t like traditional braces. Rather, they are retainers or aligners that move their teeth into optimal spots. They are not permanent, so you can take them out, but you need to ensure that you wear them as directed by your orthodontist.

In addition, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Make sure you check the letter on your invisible braces. Each aligner has a “U” or an “L”. The “U” stands for upper, and the “L” stands for lower. If you try to put your aligners in the wrong spot, you may damage them.
  • Press the aligners in by pushing on the back near your molars.
  • Remove the aligners while eating or drinking anything besides water. Otherwise, those materials will build up.
  • When your aligners are out, put them in a safe place to ensure they don’t get damaged.
  • Brush your aligners on a regular basis or rinse them with water if you don’t have access to toothpaste.
  • See your orthodontist as recommended so they can give you the next level of aligner. You go through several aligners during the treatment process.


How to Take Care of Invisible Braces — Clear Brackets

In other cases, when people say invisible braces, they are referring to clear brackets. Clear brackets work just like traditional braces — they feature wires and brackets. But their clear design makes them a lot less noticeable.

To take care of this type of invisible braces, keep these tips in mind:

  • Brush after every meal. Food can build up between the brackets, so make sure that you brush and rinse after meals.
  • Remember to floss. In general, flossing is even more important when you have braces because the food can get stuck behind the braces. Ask if your dentist for a flossing pick that makes it easier to get into hard-to-reach areas.
  • Stay away from sticky candy such as toffee. Very sticky candy can get so stuck to your braces that you may damage the wires while trying to remove the food. Follow your orthodontist’s recommendations on which foods to avoid.
  • Make sure to go to all your checkups. For your treatment to work, your orthodontist needs to adjust your braces on a regular basis. Make sure you don’t miss your appointments.
  • Don’t remove the ligature bands. Although they can be a cool way to add color to your teeth, bands aren’t just for decoration — they play a key role in the treatment process.
  • Apply wax to the braces if they are scratching or causing discomfort on your soft tissues.


To learn more or to set up an appointment to talk about invisible braces, contact us at Braces Braces today. We offer traditional metal braces, invisible braces, and other orthodontic solutions.

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