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7 Jun 2018 Braces

Braces are no longer just for kids or teens. Now, people of all ages can get braces, and if you’re thinking about getting braces for anyone in your family, we would like to help. At Braces Braces, we provide family orthodontics for people of all ages.


Early Intervention for Young Kids

The first time your dentist tells you that you need braces for your young child, you may be surprised. A generation ago, kids didn’t get braces until they were in their early teens. However, over the years, orthodontists have learned about the importance and value of early intervention.

Kids may start family orthodontics when they are as young as seven. This is the point where all the baby teen have erupted and the adult teeth are starting to come in. At this age, orthodontists can treat crowding, misalignment, overbite, and underbite, as well as other issues. The treatment is often faster than it is for older kids because the jaw is still growing, and the bones are more malleable.


Teens and Family Orthodontics

If your child doesn’t get braces when they are young, they may need braces when they are a teen. In other cases, people who have braces as young children, need to complete the treatment in their teen years. Typically, if your child has braces when they are a teen and a child, their treatment time should be faster than if they only get braces in their teens.

At this age, family orthodontics can address orthodontic issues ranging from overbites and underbites to crowding and misalignment, as well as everything in between. Luckily, braces don’t seem to carry the stigma they once had, and that’s due to numerous reasons including the increase in the number of people who have braces. In fact, some teens even like to draw attention to their braces with fun, colorful rubber bands. However, if your child feels self-conscious, they can explore discreet options such as Invisalign or clear braces.


Braces for Adults

Family orthodontics isn’t just kids’ stuff. At our practice, we treat a wide range of adults. Some are the parents of our young patients, while others are simply adults who are interested in straight teeth. Some adults opt for braces to correct issues such as crowding, gaps, and overlapping teeth. But other adults come to us because they’re experiencing TMJ, pain while chewing, or similar issues. Luckily, braces can address all of these problems, and better yet, there are unique options that let you customize your treatment to your needs.

If you just want your teeth straightened to visually improve your smile, you may want to talk with us about options such as Invisalign or Six-Month Smiles. If you need to correct issues with your bite, you may want traditional wire and bracket braces, but you don’t have to choose metal braces. You can also get this classic setup with ceramic or clear braces.


To learn more about family orthodontics and the services we can offer to you and your family, contact us directly. At Braces Braces, we have numerous offices throughout the Atlanta area for your convenience.

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