What is the Best Age to Begin Children’s Braces?

Many adults now remember high school days where braces were a familiar sight, but now children are getting braces as early as second grade. Some parents are concerned that this may not be the best age for braces, while others worry that they may be waiting too long to get braces for their children. There’s a lot of confusion surrounding the age and children’s braces, but here at BB Braces Braces, we want to demystify this topic for you.

Should Kids Really Get Braces at Seven?

Sometimes, yes. It depends on the circumstance. Seven is the age where, typically, your child has all of his or her baby teeth, but the permanent teeth are starting to come in, as well. It is at this crucial point that your dentist may suggest seeing an orthodontist for an evaluation. The reason for this is that, at this point, an orthodontist can have a clear picture of what is going on in your child’s mouth before serious issues can really take hold and get complicated.

However, this may or may not be the ideal time to actually begin children’s braces treatment. Certain issues, such as misaligned bite, may benefit from early intervention, as children around this age have softer jaws that can be encouraged to grow into a more proper shape for a healthy bite. Sometimes, early orthodontic treatment may actually shorten the amount of time a child will require braces. On the other hand, certain orthodontic issues may not present so early, or may not be addressed at the time, so undergoing orthodontic treatment now may not prevent future need for additional time with braces, or it can even increase the amount of time your child will need braces.

So When Should I Look Into Children's Braces?

Even if your child’s dentist recommends seeing an orthodontist at the age of seven, that doesn’t necessarily mean that seven is the right time to get children’s braces. It just means that it is a good time for evaluation. The reality is that the right age to get braces depends on the person. Braces are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Just as every smile is different, every orthodontic treatment must be planned differently.

Talk to your dentist about whether or not your child needs braces or if it would be better to wait a little while. The experienced and skilled orthodontists at BB Braces Braces can answer any of your questions and will carefully evaluate your child’s needs to develop a treatment plan that is customized to their mouth. Give us a call at 770-222-2322 or fill out our short online form to schedule your child’s free consultation!