The Benefits of Wearing Adult Braces

With millions of people receiving orthodontic treatment each year in the United States, the number of those individuals wearing braces as adults continues to increase. It is often the case that individuals who do not receive orthodontic treatment in childhood face dental problems that affect their oral health into adulthood. If you are among the many individuals suffering from orthodontic problems, adult braces may be the solution.

A Variety of Adult Braces Options

Now more than ever, you have options when it comes to wearing braces as an adult. Many different styles and types of adult braces are available, ranging from traditional metal braces to clear, removable aligners. A good orthodontist will consider your dental health needs and your preferences when determining which of these orthodontic treatments is right for you.

Adult braces options include:

  • Metal braces – Often the most affordable adult braces option, traditional metal braces are placed on the front side of the top and bottom rows of teeth.
  • Clear braces – A more subtle alternative to traditional metal braces, clear braces blend in with your teeth and are a popular option for those concerned with the aesthetic appearance of braces.
  • Invisalign braces – These clear aligners are removable, allowing you to easily clean your teeth and eat without restrictions. Orthodontists customize these aligners to fit your teeth comfortably and they generally appear much less noticeable than other types.
  • Lingual braces – Like traditional braces, lingual braces are made of metal. Orthodontists apply these braces to the backside of your teeth, making them invisible to others.

Wearing Braces as an Adult Produces Positive Results

After you have completed your orthodontic treatment, you will experience noticeable differences as a result of wearing braces as an adult, such as:

Cleaning your teeth with ease – Cleaning your teeth can be a difficult task when they are crowded. After your adult braces are removed, you’ll have newly-aligned teeth that make it much easier to clean areas of your mouth that were once hard to reach.

No longer finding chewing to be a challenge – One of the many side effects of a misaligned bite is the discomfort that some individuals feel as they chew food. Braces work to align your bite, allowing you to comfortably enjoy eating after removal.

Getting rid of bad breath – Malocclusion, the term used to describe a misaligned bite, can play a large role in bad breath. Bacteria linger throughout your mouth, including along the surface of your teeth. This inability to clean all areas of your teeth can lead to an unpleasant odor. Straightened, thoroughly cleaned teeth can go a long way in helping to eliminate bad breath.

Preventing tooth enamel damage – Misaligned teeth can sometimes rub against each other. This consistent motion can wear away enamel over time, making your teeth vulnerable to cavities and erosion.

Increased level of confidence – Not only does wearing braces as an adult improve your smile, it can even increase your confidence. As you interact with others, you can do so without the fear of negative first impressions due to the condition of your teeth.

Caring for Your Braces as an Adult

Remain diligent about cleaning your braces in order to ensure that you maintain healthy teeth throughout the entire period of your orthodontic treatment and beyond. Brushing your teeth multiple times each day and using floss to carefully clean between brackets and teeth is one of the most effective ways to ensure your smile remains healthy for years to come.

Enjoy the positive benefits that result from wearing braces as an adult by finding a skilled and caring orthodontist with years of experience to provide high-quality treatment at affordable prices. Contact us at BB Braces Braces for all your orthodontic needs by calling 770-222-2322, or complete a brief form to schedule an appointment online.